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About Us

Our Story

Our Story

We are a group of Crypto-enthusiast who started our journey with Cryptocurrency mining with a vision to fill up the missing gaps in Crypto.

Our Story

Our Vision

Create Economic Opportunity for Everyone with BlockChain Technology

Our Story

Our Technology

Our technology focuses and emphasizes the importance of privacy, instantaneous transactions and decentralization.


Phase 1

  • Sora NUTS Game
  • Wallets for iOS, Windows and Linux
  • OnBoarding first batch of closed round masternodes 
  • Private sales of NUTS coin

Phase 2

  • Platforms created to allow NUTS coin owner to use their NUTS coin 
  • Merchants embarks to accept NUTS coins as a form of exchange in their businesses
  • NUTS payment Gateway 

Phase 3

  • Listing on Cryptobridge 
  • Listing on Cryptopia 
  • Onboarding of MNCs
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Nuts Coin Info

NUTS COIN Specification

Coin name: NUTS
Ticker NUTS
Algorithm: (POS) SHA256
Block reward 1-20 NUTS
Masternode Collateral: 1000 NUTS
Masternode reward: 50 – 75%
Staking (POS) reward: 5 – 30 %
Block Time: 60 seconds
Total supply: 11,000,000 NUTS
Premine 3,750,000NUTS

Block Explorer

Phase Blocks from-to Reward for 1 block Masternode reward % Stalking reward % MN Reward Coin (1 Block)
1 301-105000 20 75 5 15
2 105001-210000 18 70 10 12.6
3 210001-315001 14 67.5 12.5 9.45
4 315001-420000 10 65 15 6.5
5 420001-525000 8 62.5 17.5 5
6 525001-630000 6 60 20 3.6
7 630001-735001 4 57.5 22.5 2.3
8 735001-840000 3 55 25 1.65
9 840001-945000 2 52.5 27.5 1.05
10 945001-10500 1 50 30 0.5

Our Technology

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Instantsend allows validation of transactions between parties in real time.

Fast Icon Secure

NUTScoin runs on a Blockchain Supported by Servers in seperated places around the globe to keep the network secured.

Fast Icon Private

PrivateSend enable user to hide personal and financial data.

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Leon Lim

CEO / Co-Founder

Team Members Img

Alex Wong

CEO / Co-Founder

Team Members Img

Treff Lim

CFO / Co-Founder

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How to get NUTS?

There are 2 ways to earn NUTS;
1) To purchase NUTS, contact us via email or whatsapp.
2) To easily earn free NUTS, you can play our online game at More information regarding the game will be on its own website.

What is a NUTS masternode?

NUTS masternodes is like a decentralized digital wallet for NUTS that keeps the full copy of the NUTS blockchain in real-time. In order to operate a masternode, one would need to lock up or “stake” 1000 NUTS for a period of time. Masternodes runs on a “proof of stake” system which incentive coin holders by gaining a share of the block rewards in Nuts. It also prevents a monopoly to occur in the Nuts network.

MN Guide

Download Masternode Set Up Guide